Part One of Two from the mind of FLIR
It health partners pharmacies starts:

Fill two soda cans with hot water and wrap one with scotch tape. Which one will radiate more heat?

You might be surprised at the answer

(It has all to do with Spectral Emissivity, although this video continues the illusion that it’s really simple “Emissivity” at work! The concept of Emissivity is simple and easy to grasp as the video shows. The understanding is a bit more difficult and begins when one realizes that it is really Spectral Emissivity.)

But looking beyond that technical fine point, the video illustrates two other things:
1. Spectral Emissivity by any name (it is also called Normal Spectral Emissivity, Angular Spectral Emissivity and Hemispherical Spectral Emissivity – that’s another part of the story) is important in learning how to effectively use a thermal imaging camera, and,

2. The FLIR organization is using the Web very effectively to help educate non-physicists with an excellent website online, and freely available Videos like this and its companion on

Watch this video to learn more