The National Physical Laboratory in The UK offers a title=”Emissivity Measurement Service -PDF Downloadable Brochure” target=”_blank”>spectral emissivity measurment service (downloadable brochure – PDF 284kb) through its Infrared Optical Spectroscopy group to measure the spectral emissivity as needed by customers.

They also offer related calibration measurement services on their webpage as stated below:

Optical Properties of Materials Measurement Service offers calibrations in the areas of Spectrophotmetry (reflectance and transmittance measurements, colorimetry, measurement of appearance) and Infrared Spectrometric Measurements (reflectance and transmittance measurement)

On another webpage they repeat much of what’s in the downloadable document above and provide both equations and an informative sketch to illustrate the various measurement parameters involved.

Additionally, they provide a list of related reference documents that support the technologies involved in the services. These are quoted below:

“CLARKE, F.J.J. Measurement of the radiometric properties of materials for building and aerospace applications. Proc. Soc. Photo-Opt. Instrum. Eng., 1980, 234, 40-47.

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