On the 13-15 June, 2001, in Budapest, Hungary, the 12th International Conference on Thermal Measurements and Thermogrammery (THERMO) was held.

Among the papers were two by Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Bauer, Dipl.-Phys., A. Moldenhauer, Dipl.-Phys. & M. Rink of the Gerhard Mercator Universität Duisburg, Germany

The first presentation was entitled:

“New System for Spectral Emissivity Measurements at the University of Duisburg”

(Click on the link to access the Abstract in PDF Format)

The second was:

“Spectral emissivities of metals dependent on heat-treating processes”.

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Other papers by the members of the Duisburg Universitat have their abstracts listed on this Conference information page, also.

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