Measurements of the infrared emissivity of a wind-roughened sea surface, By Jennifer A. Hanafin and Peter J. Minnett, published in Applied Optics, Vol. 44, Issue 3, pp. 398-411, in 2005 is more properly cited as:

J. A. Hanafin and P. J. Minnett, “Measurements of the infrared emissivity of a wind-roughened sea surface,” Appl. Opt. 44, 398-411 (2005)

And the abstract is available online also as:

It shows that measurements in the 8-12µm waveband region of the sea surface at viewing angles of 55°, in typical at-sea conditions, could introduce introduce errors of up to 0.7 K in sea-surface temperature measurements.

To Quote:

“The emissivity was found to increase in magnitude with increasing wind speed, rather than decrease, as predicted by widely used parameterizations. Use of these parameterizations can cause significant bias in remote sensing of sea-surface temperature in noncalm conditions.”