The definitive primer for non-contact plastic film temperature measurement by Ircon, Inc., Niles, Il, USA in a downloadable PDF format (556 Kb).

This Note has been a unique resource for IR temperature measurements in the thin film plastic film processing industry for more than 20 years. It was recently removed from the Ircon web page on plastics application, but the link to the Fluke website download seems to work.

(If you didn’t know, Fluke bought Ircon a few years ago.)
In any event the link, above may not function and you might have to revert to the original Ircon webpage at:

(Seems that some web designers and managers forget that there are legacy links to resources on older web pages that have value. We wish they would exercise the common courtesy of placing a redirect and notice of a resource link change, but then we wish for lot of things that only thoughtful, rational people do, and we aren’t always kind or rational at times ourselves.)

There was also a link to the same download recently on the Fluke Instruments website at: It might or might not work and if it doesn’t, try back at the original web page.

The applications note describes the critical factors to be evaluated when selecting the proper instrument. It includes transmission curves for most common plastic films from which spectral emissivity estimates can be made.

More detailed or higher resolution measurements are usually recommended for specific products, but this is still an excellent summary of the key properties of a range of popular materials.

We expect to be asking companies for permission to house such useful resource documents here, but do not hold out much hope. But then agai, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if only one organization agrees, it will be a bonus for everyone, we think.