Proc. SPIE 5258, 198 (2003); doi:10.1117/12.544574
Conference Title: IV Workshop on Atomic and Molecular Physics
Conference Chair: Jozef Heldt


Adam Mazikowski and Marcin Gnyba
Gdansk Univ. of Technology (Poland)
Recent studies about non-contact temperature measurement concern passive multiband radiometric systems. These systems give a potential possibility of accurate temperature measurements in case of unknown and wavelength depended emissivity of the examined object. Modeling of such systems, what is usually the first stage of system designing, requires acceptance of several simplifications and approximations. In this paper an experimental verification of modeling result is performed. Based on developed experimental setup some tests are performed. It allows us to determine some systems parameters and whole system estimation.
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Citation: Adam Mazikowski and Marcin Gnyba, “Experimental verification of a multiband system for non-contact temperature measurements”, Proc. SPIE 5258, 198 (2003); doi:10.1117/12.544574