Data is provided on: 9 samples of Nebraska Soil Lab, 14 samples of Oklahoma Soil, 10 samples of Death Valley, CA Soil, 10 samples of Railroad Valley, Nevada playa Soil, 2 samples of Railroad Valley, NV soil powder, 6 samples of Koehn, CA, 3 samples of Concord MA Soil, 9 samples of Page Arizona Sandy Soil, 2 samples of Goleta , CA Beach Sand, 3 samples of Soil – Prepared by ICESS, and more.

Commentary of the data reads:

Soil and Sands exhibit stronger spectral features than many others. The “restralen” bands of quartz sand cause strong spectral features between 8 and 10 microns that depend on the grain size. The signature in the 3 to 5 µm region depends strongly on the water and organic content. The dryer, purer soils have lower emissivities in this region.”