A VRML (3-D Virtual Reality Markup Language) demonstration of blackbody intensity distribution versus temperature and wavelength (This used to be on the University of Massachusetts website, but now is loacted on another site that its creator, Karen Strom has posted). It shows the shape of the Plank function for temperatures ranging from 1,000 K to 50,000 K for a range of wavelengths from the x-ray through the radio ranges.

Dark red lines color across the graphical display show the location of temperature isotherms. “Stickpins” on the red side of the distribution give the values of the temperature for 5 of these curves so that you can see the effect of varying the temperature.

This VRML + HTML package on Blackbody emission was constructed by Karen M. Strom who has retired from her scientific work life to pursue other interests. You can see what she is up to and contact her through her website: