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About Temperatures.com

Founded in 2001, the company began as a temperature sensor and applications consulting company with a website, About Temperature Sensors (www.temperatures.com), the site I started in 1997 as a part time exercise to provide more resources for the students of the TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT COURSE that I was teaching for the ISA.

Over the next few years the Web grew and so did the website, joined in 2002 by TempSensor.net as an adjunct news and directory website. (By the way, we like to crow about the fact that they both rank very highly in Google Searches for “Temperature Sensors”).

The latter website grew, too, and the accompanying website, MeasurementDevices.com, started in 1998 as almost an afterthought, grew even faster.

In 2005 we decided to expanded and created the Measurement Media Division of Temperatures.com, Inc. to manage and develop more websites based on the first three; there was just so much freely available material and resources on the Web, it became difficult to keep it all contained and readily navigable for the interested visitor.

MeasurementMedia (MeasurementMedia.com), aimed to cover Meetings, Standards, Publications and Education & Training was formed.

It has weekly news of CFPs, new standards and much more as well as a growing, searchable database of organizations, publications, standards, meetings, educational aids and training offering all related to measurement and measurement devices.

Measurement DataBases (MeasurementDB.com), provides a much larger collection of online data and resources on measurements and the technologies behind different device types than the originals listings on MeasurementDevices.com. The site also published regular news on developments and programs related mostly to high technology R&D using advanced measurement methods.

Our main goal is to aid vendors and users by providing freely searchable, current information and news of the technologies, practices and uses of measurement devices of all kinds. Special emphasis is placed on industrial and scientific measurements as opposed to marketing, sales and financial measurements.

This site and IRWeb.INFO -also known as IRApps.com plus others were added in 2006 and 2007 and the growth goes on in 2008!

Welcome and enjoy all our sites and feel free to submit your findings and news as appropriate.

Thanks for visiting,

Ray Peacock

G. Raymond Peacock
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