Emissivity & other infrared-optical properties FAQs at the evitherm website,
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C1. What is the emissivity of a surface?
C2. Why is emissivity important?
C3. How is emissivity used?
C4. Is it easy to measure emissivity?
C5. Is it possible to predict or calculate emissivity?
C6. What type of emissivity should I use for my application: total emissivity or spectral emissivity?
C7. What is the emissivity of painted metal surfaces and how does it depend on layer thickness?
C8. Which surfaces behave like a grey body?
C9. What is the emissivity of a layer of gas?
C10. Where can I find information on the emissivity of a given surface?
C11.How can I measure the emissivity of a surface using an IR-thermometer?
C12. What is the difference between emissivity and emittance?
C13. What is a radiant barrier?
C14. What is a low-e coating?
C15. What is low-e glass?
C16. What is a selective absorber?
C17. Is a knowledge of emissivity important for contactless temperature measurements?
C18. What is infrared thermography?