ICRAF/ISRIC spectral library

A Globally Distributed Soil Spectral Library:

Visible Near Infrared Diffuse Reflectance Spectra

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Thermal Infrared Spectral Laboratory and Mineral Library at ASU

ASU Thermal Emission Spectral Library
The TES instrument team maintains a Thermal Infrared Spectral Laboratory and Mineral Library at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

The library includes observations of terrestrial rock and mineral samples for comparison with the spectra of Mars returned by TES and also for interpreting remote sensing data collected with Earth as the target.

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MGS Thermal Emission Spectrometer Data Archive & PDS TES Data Node


TES Silicate/High-Silicon Glass Abundance on a Portion of Mars. Image by ASU & TES

MGS-TES Special Products

TES, The Thermal Emission Spectrometer at Arizona State University (ASU), is one of five instruments carried on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft (MGS).

MGS was launched in November 1996 and made the last transmission to Earth in November 2006.

Their website presents data from the TES instrument at Mars, as well as an introduction to infrared spectroscopy and access to the Spectral Library at Arizona State University.

You will also find links to many other Mars-related websites, including their very active ASU-Mars K-12 outreach program.

TES Bolometric Albedo Map

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Raytek’s Online Spectral Emissivity Guide

Screen Shot of Webpage

Santa Cruz CA, USA — As part of the IR Education section, the Raytek Corporation website contains some useful and well-presented information on Spectral Emissivity, one of the few instrument makers who do so.

Although they just call it plain “emissivity” they then present values for three or four different wavebands, according to the table viewed, “A Rose by any other name…”. There are two pages with disclaimers.

Here’s a summary of the opening statements and links to the actual data pages. » Read more..

Emissivity as viewed on the Fuji & Co Piezo Science page

A brief explanation of the topic of emissivity, that gets into the concept of spectral emissivity… a little. It deals with the total emissivity used in radiant heat transfer, but the basic concepts apply at any wavelength.

Visit http://www.fuji-piezo.com/emissivi.htm online to read their explanation.